Assol Hotel
Simeiz, Crimean peninsula

Unforgettable relaxing and full of fun rest on the sea coast, is perfect for families and romantic couples
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Simeiz is a resort town located on the southern coast of  Crimean peninsula. Excellent geographic location, picturesque scenery and wonderful climate make Simeiz a magnet that draws tens of thousands of tourists and holiday makers from Ukraine and from abroad during the whole year. In fact, there are only two other places in Europe beside Crimea that provide a similar combination of the sea, mountains and subtropical climate, they are: Nice in France and Montenegro in the Mediterranean.

Simeiz is recommended as a resort place for people having chronic respiratory illnesses, functional disorders of nervous and cardiovascular systems.
Simeiz is a small town situated near by the foot of the mountain Koshka (Cat mountain). Calm and halcyon rest is characteristics of Simeiz. Here you will see lots of small medieval streets interwoven in a big maze in the shadows of the trees, that line up the roads; you will be able to breathe in the air filled with coniferous scents and finally you’ll find yourself immersed in Old Crimea’s mysticism.


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