Assol Hotel
Simeiz, Crimean peninsula

Unforgettable relaxing and full of fun rest on the sea coast, is perfect for families and romantic couples
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Please note: when ordering your rest in the Assol Hotel on December 31, 2009 ON-LINE, you get a 5% discount! Celebrate the New Year Eve together!
Overlooking the boundless waters of the Black Sea right from your balcony you and every member of your family will enjoy every moment of your rest at the Assol Hotel!

Please, find below the addresses and phones and contact our manager for booking a room

Ph: +38 (057) 705-20-94
Ph: (cell) +38 (093) 498-47-26 (from 9 to 6, working days) 

We are inviting all tour agencies for mutual cooperation!

Terms of cooperation:

  • Lease contract

  • Voucher selling

  • Guest accommodation

Special offers for tour agencies:
Our contacts
+38 (057) 705-20-93,
Cell: +38 (093) 498-47-26 (from 9 to 6, working days)

For more information or to book in advance:
Hotel Assol, Lugovskaya St., 16, Simeiz, Crimea, Ukraine
Telephone: +38 (093) 498-47-26
Fax: +38 (057)705-20-93