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Simeiz, Crimean peninsula

Unforgettable relaxing and full of fun rest on the sea coast, is perfect for families and romantic couples
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Overlooking the boundless waters of the Black Sea right from your balcony you and every member of your family will enjoy every moment of your rest at the Assol Hotel!

It is a composite monument of nature (1947) in Simeiz, which in 1984 was promoted to the rank of the monument of nature of national importance. The whimsical shape of the mountain corresponds to its name: peering into it, one can guess "the head", as if dropped on the shore, higher, along the mountainside, - 260-meters long arched "back", then - "tail" of the gigantic cat.

Not far from it, another original in shape limestone rocks are scattered: Diva, taken a step into the sea, the remains of broken by the storm Monk, Panea, Swan Wing. Myths and legends are connected with some of these rocks. On the mountain-sides of Cat there is a real museum of relief forms: stone chaoses alternate with tremendous peaks and towers, abundant karst hollows. Into the heart of the massive extends a 80-meters deep karst shaft. And over this geological basis, like an emerald cloth, relic light forests spread over.

Ai- Petri is a mountain range that separates the southern part of the Crimea from its central part. It is stretched from Gurzuf to Baidary Gates. The scientists consider Ai- Petri to be the ancient coral reef that rose from the sea bottom many years ago. In the south-west the mount reminds of the dragon teeth, the highest of which are 1234 above sea level. Ai-Petri is a famous tourist attraction all the year round, it is a place for skiing in winter and hiking in summer and taking a cableway car ride any time.


The Grand Canyon is one of the most impressive places of Crimean peninsula. Situated on Northern slopes of Ai-Petri mountain (the plateau above Yalta) it is beautiful at any time of a season. Walls of the canyon are up to 300m. above its bottom! The landscape is something really amazing and unforgettable. "Bolshoy ('big') Canyon" is a deep (by Crimean standards), narrow canyon deep in the Crimean Mountains just off the winding road from Bakhchisaray to Ay-Petri Plateau. It is a very popular destination for both tourists and backpackers. When rangers are around, they charge a small fee for entering the canyon. The most popular destinations in the Grand Canyon "Blue Pond" and the "Bath of Youth" are just 2-4 km up the stream from the parking area, so they are great for a day hike with children. Swimming is allowed, but the water is cold.

The Chersonese Historical and Archeological Reserve is one of the most important centers of world culture. The 2nd half of the V century BC the colonists-migrants from Heraclea of Pont founded the city of Chersonese. The remains of the city defense walls, houses, public places, basements, wells, and cemetery are within the territory of modern Sevastopol. The excavations have been carried out here for 200 years already and annually benefit with ancient works of art, sculpture, parts of architecture, coins, tools, domestic utilities. The history of the city is still being worked out on details which are now preserved in the Middle Ages Museum. It is also a cradle of Christianity in ancient Russia. A light summer pavilion is built on the supposed spot of christening Prince Vladimir who managed to include Kievan Russ into the number of civilized Christian states. The monument to Prince Vladimir is located in and out of the territory of the reserve.

Demetra's crypt is the world wide famous antique monument. What arose curiosity is first of all the wall-painting of the crypt with the picture of Demetra - The Greek mythological goddess of fertility, the protectress of agriculture. This is a unique monument of Bosporus painting of the first half of the first century A.D. On the walls of the crypt there also remained pictures of the figures of Hermes - the protector of travelers, Platoon - the sovereign of the Kingdom of Death, the nymph Calypso, and a grape ornament.


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