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Simeiz, Crimean peninsula

Unforgettable relaxing and full of fun rest on the sea coast, is perfect for families and romantic couples
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Overlooking the boundless waters of the Black Sea right from your balcony you and every member of your family will enjoy every moment of your rest at the Assol Hotel!

Simeiz Observatory (also spelled "Simeis") was an astronomy research observatory until the mid 1950s. It is located on Mount Koshka, Crimea, Ukraine by the town of Simeiz. Part of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, it is currently used for laser based studies of the orbits of satellites. Simeiz observatory organized by an amateur astronomer and later Honored member of the Academy of Science, M. Maltsov In 1900 he built a tower for refractor at his land plot near Simeiz.

The Yalta Zoo is located near the “Fairy Tales Meadow”. The set of animals and birds consists of 550 species of 78 types. Among them are African lions and Usuries tigers, Amours leopards, kangaroo, camels, porcupines, ostriches, griffon vulture, black vulture and hippopotamus. The animals here are light on feet, not frightened and are not afraid of people. It is allowed to feed the animals here. At the entrance one may buy special fodder for them: food for bears and pelicans, oranges for monkeys, meat for predators, pies for camels and grain for birds. And quite recently two cute tiger cubs were born in the Zoo and now anyone may take a snapshot in their company.You can get to the Zoo by a local taxi from Simeiz bus station.

Aquapark is located in southern Crimea in the town of Simeiz, right at the foot of Cat mountain. You will enjoy here all conveniences and amenities. The swimming-pool and various amusement rides are at you services from 10 to 6 o'clock.

They are famous for their collection of over 28,000 plants from all over of the world. Designed in landscape style, its picturesque terraces descending to the sea, the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens is considered one of the finest in Europe. Its parks are a peculiar open-air museum, which comprises more than 18,000 species of plants from Mediterranean countries, South-East Asia and South America. Nikita Botanical Gardens is a large scientific-research institute as well as a beautiful tourist attraction. The Gardens belong to the Ukraine Academy of Agrarian Sciences (UAAS). The main direction of its work is the study of natural flora and vegetation, collection of plants, introduction into culture, and selection of new varieties for industrial fruit culture and floriculture. Nikita Botanical Gardens (NBG) has branches in the Crimea and in the Kherson region of Ukraine. The Nikita Gardens complex includes two hotels, currently being restored, along with other commercial and health facilities. These relate to the Gardens' 50,000 species, varieties and hybrids of flowers, fruits, olives, nuts and woody, subtropical, industrial, oil-bearing and medical plants, including rare and endangered species.

The world-known association 'Massandra' with it's two factories and cellars made in the rock where a mysterious process of ripening of incomparable muscatels, tokays, ports takes place is situated at the Simferopol's highway above the Massandra Park. It's been long time since 'Massandra' wines acquired world-wide appreciation. The roots of this fame are deep and reliable. Since the very beginning the production was based on science. First-class vines, natural conditions of the Southern Coast of the Crimea characterized by the long dry hot summer, usage of peculiarities of every separate plot of land, diligence and exquisite skills of wine-growers that is a secret of success of the 'Massandra' wines which is known far beyond Ukraine. 'Massandra' production is always rewarded with prizes on all the international tastings and competitions, and it's white muscatel obtained 'Grand Prize' twice. In the vicinity of Massandra there's a place called 'Magarach' which gave name to the Scientific-research Institute of wine - growing and wine-making. The best work-outs of 'Magarach' are inculcated into the industry of 'Massandra' Association.Excellent 'Massandra' and 'Magarach' wines are not those which should be drunk in great portions. They must be relished. They are actually delicate wines and could be compared with pieces of real art. Not without reason the best sorts are tried to preserve. In 'Massandra' and 'Magarach' original treasuries were created. There are some bottles which are more than 150-200 years of age. In the tasting halls of the distilleries guests of the Crimea can enjoy the sunny drinks of the Southern Coast and purchase the best wines of Crimean wine-makers.

It is hard to imagine an architectural monument more romantic than the Alupka Palace of Count M. S. Vorontsov, the former Governor-General of the Novorossiysk Territory. It was built in 1828-1846 to the design of Edward Blore, one of the best English architects. The bold, unusual design and original architecture, as well as marble lion sculptures lend it an inimitable character. The immense park around the palace is one of the finest on the Southern Coast of Crimea.

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