Assol Hotel
Simeiz, Crimean peninsula

Unforgettable relaxing and full of fun rest on the sea coast, is perfect for families and romantic couples
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Travel to the Assol hotel, set on the Southern coast of Crimean peninsula. The hotel is just 20 kilometers from Yalta, one of the most popular resort and touristís mecca.

  • By train: You can get Simpheropol by train and then take a taxi or minibus (regular bus) right on the railway-station landside area. Itís destination will be Simeiz bus station. Then You get off the bus at the station and then just walk following the pecked line on the map

  • By car: just follow the pecked line on the map:)


For more information or to book in advance:
Hotel Assol, Lugovskaya St., 16, Simeiz, Crimea, Ukraine
Telephone: +38 (093) 498-47-26
Fax: +38 (057)705-20-93